Nov 22, 2016

Autumn Newsletter

Now the weather is starting to break and the nights are getting darker we have started to think about Autumn.

We will be exploring some autumnal activities such as:

  •      Fruit/Vegetable printing
  •      Looking at colours brown, red, orange and yellow
  •      Leaf exploring
  •      Owl babies story
  •      Tree painting
  •      Make hedgehogs

The children have had a great time in the garden collecting the apples that have fallen off the trees, we will be looking at the different fruits and vegetables and making autumn treasure boxes to display in the room this is where we would like you to join in with a take home idea!!

We would like you to join in with your children and go on a autumn treasure hunt and collect some autumn treasures. Fill a small box/basket and bring them into nursery to show everyone in 2/3’s what you have found.

Also if you have any conkers, leaves and pine cones that we could have that would be great.

We will be thinking about Diwali in October Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival known as the festival of light. The word Diwali means rows of lighted lamps. Hindu’s light hundreds of lamps and place them around their homes and gardens. Hindus believe the more lamps they light the more likely the goddess Lakshmi will visit them.

She is the goddess of wealth.

We also have bonfire night and of course Christmas to look forward to… 


Housekeeping Memo

Please can you bring in a labelled drinks bottle for your child if you have not already done so

As the weather is changing please ensure your child brings appropriate clothing and footwear to nursery for outside play and spare clothing in case they need changing

Please supply your child with a pair of wellington boots to keep at nursery

We are always open to ideas so feel free to make any suggestions.