Jun 7, 2016

Under-2's News


We have a few things that we would like to share with you… we will be introducing more activities within our daily routine…

We will be having singing and musical movement time twice a day to help children with their speech and listening.

Over the last few weeks we have introduced the children to plants and seeds to which the children have planted some of their own and are looking after them. They are watering them and learning to be gentle with them. We will be planting our own seeds and flowers in the garden and hopefully have beautiful flowers for the children to learn and experience various sizes and colours. We also have a new friend at nursery now, our nursery bunny Sunshine came to live here and is settling nicely.

She will come to visit us upstairs and we can see her when we play in the garden.

With the summer here now, we will be extending the activity by planting more seeds and flowers in the garden so if your child could bring in their sunhat and appropriate footwear please for them to explore with. If your child is ok with our suncream or prefers to use their own please could you let one of the girls know.

Thank you!

Reminder; we are having a parents evening on Thursday 14th July where you will look at your child’s learning journey and have a chance to talk with their key worker about their development and furthering their skills.

Recently we have had a few incidents of biting and I have attached a leaflet that you may find of interest and answer some questions you may have……